Red Sea Reefer med belysning Hydra 26 HD som på bild

26 130 kr

Red Sea akvarierna levereras snabbt hem till din dörr för 60 kr.

Red Sea REEFER™ XL & XXL Concept

The REEFER™ range now include 2 sizes of larger format systems give  you the freedom to create more expansive, intricate and diverse  reefscapes without the constraints of smaller tanks.


The REEFER™ XL 425 and REEFER™ XL 525 models are  both 7.5cm wider than the regular REEFER™ 350 & 450. Both also  feature proportionately larger sumps with an extra 3cm  water  height in the skimmer chamber.

Red Sea REEFER™ Deluxe Concept

The REEFER™ Deluxe  incorporates the all-new Hydra 26™ HD LED lighting  units with Red Sea’s  custome mounting system into the Reefer reef ready  systems in a  convenient single package.


The Hydra 26™ HD unit provides  the most up to date LED technology,  offering a full spectrum, 7 color  LED configuration giving great color  rendition and a multitude of  lighting effects. The revolutionary control  system dynamically adjusts  the power available to each color by  utilizing power not being used  with other colors, effectively enabling  selected channels to be  ‘boosted’ to above 100% output. The lighting is  fully controllable via  the built-in WiFi which is compatible with iOS  and Android devices, and  with any wifi-enabled Mac or PC.


The custom mounting  system attaches firmly onto the rear wall of the  tank and can be  rotated to the upright position during reefscaping or  other tank  maintenance. The REEFER™ Peninsula Deluxe come with a  customized  hanging system for the Hydra 26 HD LED lights.

REEFER™ Deluxe is available for all models (except the REEFER™ NANO) with 1, 2, 3 or 4 LED units according to model.