Red Sea, Live reef base, levande sand 10 kg 0,5-1,5mm

430 kr

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Premium live & dry aragonite sands for marine & reef aquariums 

  • Premium quality, natural aragonite high in essential elements.
  • Promotes stability of pH and alkalinity (KH) levels.
  • Easy to use, ideal for all marine fish and corals


Facts about Red Sea Reef base:

  • An oolitic aragonite substrate, formed through natural precipitation and collected from renewable source.
  • Will help maintain a stable pH of 8.2-8.3.
  • Prepared by being exposed to air & UV light, screened,  and mechanically washed. A second washing results in a  cleaner substrate.
  • Live Reef Base contains millions of beneficial laboratory-engineered  bacteria, which will speed up the maturation process and allow quicker  introduction of corals.
  • The bacteria is “gelled” onto the grains and packed in sterilized natural seawater.

Truly renewable pure calcium carbonate oolitic aragonite sand  material formed naturally through precipitation and sedimentation in the  Bahamas.